About Us

Our consulting chef Spino along with our business developer Mr Francesco and the sales team are able to provide end to end tailor made services from product selection, recipe development and training, providing insights on traditional and innovative Italian ingredients, to the presentation of the dishes.

All products are handled as per their sensitivity under a hearthstone for hand selected premium Italian foods.

Our mission is to supply the finest ingredients and foods to fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels all over the Middle East.

We thrive on experience and networking to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers through products that are innovative, temperature control, especially for delicate products with time optimization to ensure maximum freshness.

Analysing market trends globally allow us to recommend the best ingredients to capture the needs and demands of the chefs and industry players, unique, and exclusive.

Our vision is to support chefs in the Middle East by creating space for a special collaboration with Italian brands where culinary talent can be truly celebrated.

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